Jet Skis

The Hison exclusive Brake and Reverse(B & R) system offers a new way of safety and control.Never before have riders been able to adapt so effortlessly to water conditions.


Jet Boat

Standard on all models, the exclusive Hison learning Key allows you to limit your speed to two choice: about 50km/h or about 80km/h .A great way to save gas and perfect for less experienced riders.

Speed Boat

Every Hison product is designed to last,certified by DNV. Hison products are very reliable, which makes their owners incredibly satisfied, and likely to repeat their purchase. They’re also likely to recommend Hison to a friend.

Power Ski

The Power Ski is the motorized surfboard,300cc 4 stroke engine,jet drived.It will be one of the fastest growing new water sports around the world. The Jet Board will simply amaze you with its speed, power and agility.

      Founded in 2002,being the leading manufacturer of marine recreation products(jetski,jetskiboat,motor boat,speed boat,watercraft) in China,Hison offers the world’s highest performance-price ratio watercrafts. Every Hison watercraft is designed and built to last , so you can be sure there’ll be plenty of great days ahead.

     The Hison difference is also about jet boats. Their unique Hison Direct Drive Jet Propulsion system operates without exposed props which means faster planning , less maintenance, increased satety, and therefore greater peace of mind. This innovative technology is available on all Hison jet products, including the 2012 jet surf board(powerski).

    This Powerski is a novelty, carrying conveniently, powerful, high speed, and the price is also very attractive. We believe this Powerski, the minitype motorized Surf board, will be the best complementarity for Hison watercrafts and jet boats.

   Hison’s mission is to produce the durable and economical marine recreation products,and make all the people to have the chance to enjoy their marine recreation life.